Tales from the Mountains

Summit County is an incredible place to live and work. There is so much to love, it’s hard to imagine trying to fit it all into a vacation!  The corporate resorts like to simplify the experience by keeping visitors confined to one part of the county or another, but then you miss out on the whole story!  The different parts of the county are connected by an easy free bus, and only minutes from each other in your car or Uber.

View from the top of Breck Ski Resort
Swimwear at A-basin

Don't Miss a Thing

The Travel Summit County website is intended to bring visitors a view of Summit from the prospective of the people who live and work here. The resorts have so much to offer, but you have to see the awesome smaller businesses that are here to help you take full advantage of Summit’s adventures.

Local gifts and souvenirs, local cuisine, and local guided tours can all be a part of your stay. This site is our attempt to present all that Summit has to offer, the heavily advertised corporations right next to the old ski bums who are scared of the internet (but have cool businesses).

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