Lomax Placer Gulch

The first mining to occur in Breckenridge was hydraulic placer mining for alluvial deposits of minerals. Like most placer mines established in the 1860s, the Lomax Mine used hydraulic pressure to separate gold, a naturally heavy mineral, from the lighter sand and dirt found in stream deposits.

Today, a tour of the mine provides you with an up-close look at a day in the life of a miner. You will have the opportunity to see and even feel some of the old mining equipment, including hoses and hydraulics used during the mining process.

Step into the miners’ cabin for a look at how they and their families survived the early days of the mining operations. Also, a fully equipped assay office is on site, where they analyzed materials to determine gold and silver content.

The on-site mining expert will even teach you how to pan for gold.  The best part of the experience is that you keep what you find!

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Lomax Placer Gulch