Eat and Drink

Eat & Drink

Fuel your fun with Summit’s award-winning bars and restaurants; there’s something for every taste and mood.


Summit has some great places to grab a slice. Or skip going out altogether and have pie delivered to feed your whole crew.

Breakfast & Brunch

Time to fuel up! The name of the game for breakfast in Summit is fast, big and awesome! You need a great breakfast to ski, hike, or bike all day and these places have what keeps you going.


From authentic Mexican cuisine to speedy Tex-Mex, tacos are a quick meal for the whole family. There are a few spots that whip up fantastic margaritas to go with you taco selection.

Family Skiing

Families & Groups

Fun for the whole crew! These awesome spots are crowd pleasers, serving up grub that's sure to please everyone in your fam.

Steak and Wine Bottles

Fine Dining

Are you craving a perfect steak or a romantic dinner? Summit has some of the finest ches creating dishes inspired by the mountain scenery.

Gluten Free Options

Allergies and dietary restrictions are tough. Restaurants that aren't sensitive can create an awkward situation - or a painful belly. Here are the guys who are happy to do it right.

Beer Brewing

Breweries & Brewpubs

Beer brewed with snowmelt and love by local rock stars. Whats not to love?


Need coffee to fire up your day? (Of course) Summit offers some awesome coffee houses, and pretty much all of them will make it Irish. Start your day off right !

Pool Table

Sports Bars

Play a little or watch your favorite game, these bars have fun dialed in!

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