Foote’s Rest Sweet Shoppe & Eatery

It’s hard to escape Frisco Main Street without a visit to the Foote’s Rest Sweet Shoppe. It’s always hopping, and for good reason. They are churning out homemade ice cream that will please the whole family. Made-in-Frisco fudge makes a great gift for yourself or others. You can try a sample before you have to choose from all their chocolate-y and nutty flavors. Foote’s Rest Sweet Shoppe is also an old-fashioned candy store with a huge variety nostalgic items you’ll remember from childhood. Go back in time and pick up some Necco wafers or wax lips. With the goal of preserving the historic nature of this site, the shop also displays images from the property’s past.

Open Hours

Open every day



+1 970-668-9238


Foote’s Rest Sweet Shoppe & Eatery

510 Main St