Sky Chutes Coffee House

Sky Chutes Coffee House is a convenient stop on the way to and from your skiing or summertime adventure at Copper Mountain. The coffee house is located on Colorado Highway 91 in the Conoco Building, along with the Daylight Donuts shop and a sandwich shop. The building sits near the bottom of the backcountry mountain feature that the locals call the “sky chutes”, three narrow, rocky paths cut into the mountain, each one shaped like the letters S, K and Y. At this little coffee shop, you’ll find an ample selection of gourmet coffee, warm winter drinks, pastries and fresh donuts. Pick up a quick breakfast burrito to go or sit inside and relax with some oatmeal or biscuits and gravy. They also have a selection of juices and teas. This is a great place to refuel all day long.

Open Hours

Open every day7AM - 7Pm



+1 (970) 968-3471


Sky Chutes Coffee House

50 Colorado Highway 91

Copper Mountain