Vinny’s Euro American Restaurant

Homemade Organic Euro-American Dining

If you are looking for real food made with organic, local, natural, and fresh ingredients, look no further!  If caring for the environment and putting quality food into your body is important to you – made by the hands of Chef Vinny and our talented staff – you have come to the right place!  Please take a seat in our quaint Dining Room or Pub… and enjoy!!

The Dining Room and the Pub are open every day, serving up all the locals’ favorites on the Happy Hour Menu (Sunday – Friday, 2-5pm), the Sandwich Menu (Daily 2-5pm) and the Pub Menu in the Pub, Daily at 2pm; as well as our full Dinner Menu Every Day at 5pm in the Pub and Dining Room.  

Reservations are recommended for any night of the week.

On Friday and Saturday nights (and often other busy days during the week) we take reservations in two separate seatings:  5-6pm & 8-10pm, unless other times become available as seatings fill in.  Walk-ins are welcome, but you may have to wait, or may be turned away.  In order for us to hold a table for you, please make a reservation during the available times.  During very busy evenings, we may also take over-flow reservations in the Pub, leaving less availability for walk-ins.

Vinny’s Euro-American Cuisine is owned and operated by Chef Vincent – along with his friends and family.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that “Vinny’s” means simple Italian food and pizza!  A few of Vinny’s internationally-inspired creations may be traditional, yet deliciously so!  It’s all about the people, time, creativity, ingredients and LOVE!

Every person working at Vinny’s is fueled by passion, creativity, and the desire to bring the best food and service to you at reasonable prices.  We use only the BEST possible ingredients; and nearly everything is home-made!

Open Hours

Open every day
2PM - 10PM



+1 970-668-0340


Vinny’s Euro American Restaurant

310 Main St