Camp under the stars at the Blue River Campground 6 miles north of Silverthorne. There are 24 first-come, first-serve sites with picnic tables and a fire pit open from Memorial Day through fall.

Fish the Blue River or hike in the Gore Range from this USDA Forest Service campground with a stay limit of 14 days.

Blue River Campground

Do your part to keep Colorado beautiful.

1. Know before you go

Plan your trip and check weather conditions. Make sure phones are charged, and pack plenty of water in reuseable bottles.

2. Leave it as you find it

Plants, rocks and natural features will live forever in a photo. Leave them for others to find. Building structures or carving into trees destroys the natural beauty of the natural landscape.

3. Trash the Trash

Bring along trash bags to pack out your waste, and pick up the waste you see, even if it is not yours. Please take doggy waste bags with you to dispose of animal waste properly as it is damaging to the ecosystem.


Summit has thousands of miles of trails to explore. By sticking to the trails and camping at least 200 feet from lakes, rivers and streams, you’re helping to avoid damage to plants and the erosion of trails.

5. Be careful with fire

Wind and low humidity here in Summit mean fires can get out of hand quickly. Be sure to check local fire restrictions before lighting a fire, and make sure its completely extinguished before you leave. Be careful with cigarettes and take butts with you.


Observe wildlife from a safe distance and DO NOT FEED. Lining up the perfect Instagram shot can get you charged by an angry moose if you are not careful.


Keep cell phones turned down and human noise to a minimum. Be courteous to other people on the trails, and yield to the uphill hiker and biker.