Find a Good Book or a Real Record

Summit has some fantastic small book and music stores that are worth a stop during your adventures.



Equal parts nostalgia and imagination, Summit still has some fantastic small book and music stores that are definitely worth a stop during your adventures. 



Great Music

Affordable Music

Affordable Music, in Dillon is know for awesome service by local musicians.


Don’t miss a chance to grab a great read or to meet a local author. Next Page Books & Nosh even serves up great snacks with a curated selection of books.



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Wave Clouds

Mountain Wave

Ski, snowboard, bike, and e-bike rentals to fuel your fun. Vail Pass shuttle service in the summer.

More Things To Do

Fly Fishing Guys in River

Go Fly Fishing

There are tons of beautiful river and lake spots to explore in Summit, loaded with fish to delight the novice or experienced angler.

Friendly Toast

Wine Tasting

Try wine at one of Summit’s wineries or at one of the great restaurants around the county.

Artistic Fine Dining Plate

Hire a Private Chef

Skip the chaos of trying to find a restaurant that everyone is happy with, making reservations, and trying to show up on time.