Ice Skating Rinks

Have fun on ice all over the county. Breck's indoor Stephen C West ice arena is open year round and there are outdoor rinks around the county.

Pond Hockey


Have fun on ice all over the county. Breck’s indoor Stephen C West ice arena is open year round. North Pond in Silverthorne hosts skaters as the weather allows.



Skating on a Frozen Lake

Family at Park

Family ice skating on North Pond in Silverthorne.


Keystone has a small man-made outdoor rink perfect for young kids or beginners where you can rent all the gear you need. There is even a playground nearby for kids who don’t what to skate an fire pits to warm you up.



Lake Hockey

Keystone Pond Hockey Tournament

Keystone hosts a massive pond hockey tournament every year.


Keystone also has one of the largest zamboni-maintained lake rinks in the country. They rent all the gear you need to skate. Once a year Keystone hosts a huge pond hockey tournament, attracting players from around the world.


Warm up with a hot drink


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