Meet Our Forest Troll Isak

Just a short walk from Main Street sits a friendly 15 foot troll named Isak created for Breckenridge by a Danish artist dedicated to recycling.

Isak Heartstone


Just a short walk from the Breckenridge Main Street sits a friendly 15 foot troll named Isak. He’s the 40th troll sculpture created out of recycled and reclaimed wood by Danish Artist Thomas Dambo. The artist is world renowned for bringing attention to recycling and upcycling by building great things out of trash.



A Giant Troll?

Isak Heartstone

A large troll sculpture created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo sits on a path in Breckenridge.

Walk or Bike to meet Isak


The newly constructed Trollstigen trailhead is located by the Illinois Gulch trailhead. You can walk, bike, or take a free ride on public transportation, but there is no troll parking at the trailhead.



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