Play Pool (Billiards)

Challenge your friends to a game of pool (billiards). Play Games Find arcade games around the county.

Pool Balls on Table


Challenge your friends to a game of pool (billiards).



Play Games

Arcade and Game Room at BlueSky Breck

Find arcade games around the county.


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Wedding Couple in the Snow

Lodge by The Blue

A secluded lodge nestled at the base of Mount Quandry. Suites have fireplaces, and amenities include a heated pool and hot tub.

People in the Continental Divide Winery

Continental Divide Winery

Wines expertly crafted and aged taking advantage of the low oxygen and cool temperature of the Colorado mountains.

More Things To Do

Frisco Museum and Historic Park

Local History Museums

Don’t miss the chance to go back in time and meet the explorers and dreamers that originally settled in Summit!

Mountain Tattoo

Get a Tattoo

Commemorate you vacation with a permanent tattoo of the Rockies! Three local tattoo locations…

Blue River Campground Aerial View

Camping under the Stars

Find a new adventure or just get away and reset. There are some great campgrounds all over the county, or venture into the vast park land and set up camp.

Nail Art

Get a Mani-Pedi

Cold temperatures and dry air in Summit can wreak havok on fingers and toes. Local salons will fix you right up.