Visit a Legal Dispensary

Visit a fantastic Colorado dispensary and explore a huge variety of flower, edibles, drinkables, and concentrates.

Concentrated THC


Colorado’s dispensaries are the best in the country. Legalization in the state has been great for the economy, leading to the establishment of thriving farms and businesses. There are even majors at colleges across the state focused on growing marijuana and other aspects of the business. 



A Transparent Grow Room?

Grow Room at High Country Healing

Visit High Country Healing to actually see a grow in action.

Endless Cannabis


If you’ve spent your life somewhere where marijuana is illegal, you owe it to yourself to visit a legal dispensary in Colorado. The selection alone will blow your mind. THC is available in traditional flower that is curated by effect. There are a huge variety of edibles, drinkables, and concentrates. Most dispensaries also carry glass pipes and a variety of gifts/souvenirs.



Glass Pipes, Smoking & Vape Accessories

Marijuana Flower


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Organix Marijuana Cigarettes

Organix – Breck

A dispensary that prides itself in providing superior quality marijuana and products.

Marijuana Flower

Native Roots Dispensary

A dispensary chain offering a variety of medicinal and recreational marijuana, flowers, concentrates, extracts, and more.

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