Wildflower Hike

Make sure you stop to admire the huge variety of wildflowers that grow all over Summit County in the summer.

Yellow Wildflowers


There are a huge variety of flowers in the mountains, and even above tree line you’ll find delicate bursts of color in the most rugged terrain. Even if you are looking for mushrooms or just hiking for fun, make sure you stop to admire the flowers.



A Perfect Jewel

Single Flower Closeup

Summer flowers come in every color, shape, and size.


There are so many different flowers to see, you could spend a whole day documenting and identifying your finds. The app from PlantNet has an AI that identifies plants from your images, or you can upload them to the website for identification.



Pink Flowers

The colors of summer.


The Dillon Ranger District does not issue permits for the collection of plants, and hikers are expected to “Leave No Trace”. This means leaving the flowers where you find them, so that others may enjoy them and they can seed and reproduce.

You are allowed, however, to consume edible plants and flowers while you camp or hike. Correct identification is important to avoid toxins so don’t consume anything unless you are certain.



Single Wildflower


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