Wine Tasting

Try wine at one of Summit's wineries or at one of the great restaurants around the county.

Pouring Wine


If you love wine, there are plenty of places for you. There are two unique wineries to visit.



Blending at Altitude

Wine Bars and Tastings

Two wineries take advantage of the high altitude to produce unique wines.

Wine Bars & Tastings


There are some great bars and restaurants with curated wine lists that will knock your socks off!



Friendly Toast

Take a great bottle home


Or back to the room for a romantic evening… Local liqour stores have extensive selections and experts to help you choose a bottle you’ll love.



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People in the Continental Divide Winery

Continental Divide Winery

Wines expertly crafted and aged taking advantage of the low oxygen and cool temperature of the Colorado mountains.

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Guy Driving a Go Kart

Go Kart Racing

There’s only one place in Summit to race your friends in a Go Kart and that is Copper’s Ten Mile Speedway.

Kid's Bungee Jump

Fun on Trampolines

Combining bungee cords and trampolines equals huge fun at Keystone, Breckenridge, and Copper Mountain.

Island Grill Tiki Bar

Enjoy a Tiki Bar

Enjoy an outdoor deck and island-style food and drinks. Lake views complete the beach vibe.